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Evgenia Sidorenko
With the help of the most remarkable girl - student of school NHE, doctor and veterinary, Vladykina Natalia (Kiev) 24-25.04 in Belaya Tserkov (Kiev district) was conducted the meeting of school-matters, members of Forum and followers of Aleksandr Nevzorov.
On the base of the Agrarian university Belaya Tserkov was a seminar for the students of veterinary faculty:
- A "traumatism in equestrian sport and way of his decision" the speaker is Vladykina Natalia (Kiev)
- "natural trimming", "NHE" - the speaker Rodina Olesya - representative NHE in Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk)
- "Bit", " is a speaker of Brovina Natalia (Dnepropetrovsk)

By the teachers of university a two-day lecture was read for students and followers of school on a theme "Anatomy of horse - lokomotsiya, organs of digestion, breathings, hoof mechanism".

Remarkably, that specialists on an anatomy, distant ot a fight against equestrian sport, mark harm of horseshoes and bits.

Notable is even a coat of arms of university - doctor, giving medicine to lying nearby free horse
Olesya Rodina
I hope, we will have more pictures here soon.smile.gif

So, Ukrainian NHE-members had two wonderful days giving lectures in the Univercity of Belaya Tserkov not far from Kiev and learning anatomy.
I must tell that many students of the vet Academy simply do not know about the other way of relationship with horses!
That's why we should make them informed as they are future vets and they must realize what's going on now in this horse's world.

We left our magazines in their library and DVDs as a present to students of the vet faculty.
GREAT work!!!! And I am very suprised and pleased to see the emblem on the door!!! Very nice!

Look forward to more pictures and reports!
Maksida Vogt


I am so happy you all did such good work. And as you say in your comment, many people just do not know. Great work! smile.gif
Olesya Rodina
Thank you, Jenn.
Thank you, Maksida.
I guess, some pictures should be moved from the Russian part....smile.gif
Just a second...smile.gif
Olesya Rodina
Our lectures:

One vet who did not like our lectures:smile.gif

Students of the vet faculty were interested in the additional info:

Ukrainian NHE students took part in 2 lessons of horse's anatomy:

Olesya Rodina
More pictures:

Сloé Lacroix
Hi Olesya ,

Great job ! smile.gif

Why did the vet didn't like your lecture ? Did he have an open mind to the use of thermography ?

Thank you !
Olesya Rodina
Oh, this man simply was sure that horses were created for riding. It seemed to us that he is a fanatic of a desert, Beduins and camels. laugh.gif
He exclaimed that horses used to ride by Beduins for thousand of years and NEVER had ANY traumas!!! laugh.gif cool.gif
Сloé Lacroix
Thanks Olesya ,

And what about thermography , did he believe in using it ?
Olesya Rodina
I don't know. Really! He was very furious.
I guess, yes, he had a belief in thermography.smile.gif
Karina Bjerremann
Olesya reading and watching those photos are both inspiration and happiness.
To see this work and your profesionel purfomance is great. What guts you have (I know you do)
and this energy is really great. I like your positive way of thinking and believing.

Good to share and great you put the photos.

Olesya Rodina
Thank you, Karina.
You are welcome.
Just saw the topic and I wanted you to know that I really appreciated it. Good work.

It is not always possible that everybody understands immediately, sometimes it just takes a little time. smile.gif
elena aner
Girls,you are amazing in your braveness! You are great!Only broad public opinion and attention kan realy influence horses future."odin v pole ne voin."Vi need to attract so many people som vi kan to problems af equstrian sport,vi need yo fight against that anhuman amusement.I am so happy for you and your work.Never give op,doesent matter how hard it could be.
All the best Elena Aner
Olesya Rodina
I appreciate your words, Elena.
We will never give up.
this is soooo great biggrin.gif great job girls!

i am interested, are this lectures reserved only for school members?

Olesya Rodina
The second vet seminar took place in Agrarian university Belaya Tserkov, not far from Kiev, Ukraine.
We brought our reports and our movie and took classes from the proffessors of a vet medicine.

The first day. December, 4, 2008.

1. Anatomy lectures. Sceleton, bones, muscles of a horse.
2. Our reports about traumas in equestrian sport (Natalya Vladykina) and about NHE School (Olesya Rodina)
3. Answers for questions
3. Showing the movie "Horse cruicified and risen" for vet students. 30 persons came.

The second day. December, 5, 2008.

1. A lecture about viruses. Flue of horses.
2. Pathoanatomy lectures. Post mortem prosections analysis .
3. Parasitology. Practic lesson. Accounting the quantity of ootids in horses extrements. Excursion to the parasitology museum.

The third day. December, 6, 2008.
1. Lecture. Inner organs of a horse. Nerves and blood system. Horses brain.
2. Lecture. Colics.

Olesya Rodina
Some pictures from the second vet seminar for NHE students in Ukraine:

1. Anatomy lecture. Prof. Dudka Vladimir.

2. A distal extremity of a foal.

3. A knee joint of an adult horse

4. Nerve and blood systems. Prof. Korobkova Valentina.

5. Sciatic nerve of a horse

6. Horse's brain.

7. The prof. of parasitology Antipov Anatolyi

8. Practicum of parasitology for NHE students

Thank you for reading!!!
That sounds and looks very interesting!
Do you know if there is any project like this in Germany or Denmark?
Olesya thank you very much for posting all of it. It must have been really interesting. Is there anything in particular you want to share that can be useful to us too?
Well done!
Olesya Rodina
Thank you, guys.
I don't know if such a seminar could be organized in other countries.
I guess, everything is in your hands= only you can do this in your country.

Yes, Maurizio, I will think what I can translate and share with International students.
That would be a hard work for me but I will do my best.
Цитата(Olesya Rodina @ 22.12.2008, 13:44) *
Thank you, guys.
I don't know if such a seminar could be organized in other countries.
I guess, everything is in your hands= only you can do this in your country.

Yes, Maurizio, I will think what I can translate and share with International students.
That would be a hard work for me but I will do my best.

It is in Kiev?
Olesya Rodina
Dear Il'ya,

You can ask your questions here:

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